Artistic Approach

To bear witness and preserve a memory

The knots on cords, the imprisonment of evil

“Could I cut myself off from listening:
– It was like millions of voices, joined by more every day were whispering:
«Do this in memory of me, of me, of me, of…»

I considered giving one minute of silence to each of the sacrified souls in the Holocaust, being symbolically 6 million. I would have been mute, day and night for 13 years. Insanity!

Braiding knots on cords, in the quipu way, an Inca counting system, appeared more realistic. (Treaties of witchcraft teach us that each knot imprisons a demon). They were many, those nazi demons who ordained “The Final Solution” and their henchmen, members of the party, who executed the atrocities zealously.



Plastic Artist

Former Director of the Regional and National Higher Fine-Arts School of Nantes and Nancy

Creative Designer Philips Society France
Tutor in methods of creativity
Graduated of the Ecole Boulle

Les pleureuses - Jacques Braunstein - 1983